Rent Wise Management's goal is always to provide you with the best service while managing your properties efficiently and effectively. In order to achieve this goal we utilize a secured online platform that allows us to communicate and act quickly to ensure the best service to you and your tenants.

Immediate Maintenance Requests. Our platform allows tenants to contact us 24/7 either with electronic work-orders, or our customer service line.  As soon as a work order is

received we go to work.  Our platform allows us to quickly contact and communicate with vendors to allow for swift resolution.  You can log on anytime and see the status of work orders, and how they are being handled.


Online Payment Options. Today’s tenants expect easy, online payment options. Our platform allows them to pay online as well as set up auto-payments so no rent payment is ever forgotten. Our platform also allows us to deposit funds directly into your bank account for faster easy funds transmittal.  


Access Your Statements. Owner statements are securely shared online to a portal you can access anytime. Upon request, we can also provide any additional reports either you or your finance manager request.